Our Team


We are not any ordinary event organizer. Like you, we own a brand, SCORE. We put in our best creative juices and muscles to make sure your brand stands out. We understand what brand owners want to achieve, what participants desire, and we know how to WOW them.
As passionate fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we are passionate about our jobs and sports too. We take pride in our work. Hence, with vast experience, we transform events into a dynamic experience that leave a lasting impression to the participants. We are experts, out to deliver the most stylish and sophisticated solutions; curating the best customizable experiences for you and your participants.

Our leader

Patricia Tan - CEO

The SCORE team is led by Patricia Tan. Patricia is inspirational. Her determination, passion, expertise and vision has driven every event to success. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her management skills garnered from ten years in managing brands conceived SCORE in 2013. Patricia’s philosophy in managing her brand and others alike, has been developed through years of asking hard questions, identifying the truth with all its complexities and relaying it in a way that makes real sense. So, it comes as no surprise that SCORE FitMob was the first mass workout of its kind to enter the Malaysia Book of Records not once, but three times.

Being a fitness fanatic has given her the unique understanding and insight of how it all works from a holistic stand point. She is constantly in touch with the consumers and understands their ever-changing needs and behavior. She also believes that continuous learning helps her to improve SCORE and to lead SCORE to be a renowned sports and fitness specialist.