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SCORE has successfully created and marketed a range of new events to local and international participants, through the best channels. As the top sports and fitness event organiser, we have crafted a pool of massive loyal participants and evangelists, whom have undividedly participated in all our SCORE events and also events organised by us for our clients.

A full-fledged team of professionals with vast experience in organising small to mega events, you can be rest assured all the nitty-gritty and big stuff are well taken care of regardless (big or small).

So, leave your event to us, while you focus on building your business.

At SCORE, we use the three S.

The secret to a successful event is really no big secret. It all boils down to how much your participants enjoyed the experience you create. At SCORE, it comes down to the three S.

  • Smooth.

    From registration, to entry-pack collection, to the event proper and subsequent engagement, we ensure the delivery of a smooth and seamless experience. We take care of the nitty-gritty so your event experience with SCORE will be a smooth run, start to finish.

  • safe.

    Mishaps sometimes occur, which is why we take into consideration the safety and security of participants as well as our crew. We anticipate everything that could potentially go south, and work towards ensuring that it doesn't.

  • sexy.

    This is the final S-factor, the little creative extras that differentiates a SCORE event from any other. From exciting concepts, impressive buildups, top-notch event merchandise designed by award-winning designers, we conceive our events to look good in your photos and social media posts.

We endeavour to make every experience exhilarating, from our SCORE events, such as the SCORE Run, the Valentine-themed Cupid Run, the record-breaking FitMob Festivals, the all-girl Amazonian Race, and to the military-themed Operation Warzone Series of obstacle courses. Our clients have enjoyed the same excitement at the SEA Games 2017 countdown, the AXA Hearts In Action 2017 Run, the Ministry of Youth & Sports' Fit Malaysia nationwide tour, the Reebok Les Mills One Live and many others.

Turn your next event into a thrilling experience for your participants and partners.

Looking to create an awesome experience?
Let us run your next sports & fitness event for you.

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SCORE is driven by the vision of "one person, one sport". By creating and organising exciting events and delivering an awesome experience every time, we make sports and fitness accessible to a wider audience.

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