Sports and Fitness Event Organizer


We are not the ordinary event organiser. Like you, we own a brand. SCORE. We put in our best creative juices and muscles to make sure the brand stands out. We understand what brand owners want to achieve, what participants desire, and we know how to WOW them.

We are also made up of a bunch of fitness fanatics. Each of us participate in at least one sport. We live up to our vision of ‘One Person, One Sport.’ Our team and volunteer workforce help us keep that smile on your face, they will look after you and the participants throughout the day.

Combining these traits helps us provide you with a positive experience to ensure we remain your number one choice in sport and fitness events.

The SCORE team is headed by Patricia Tan. Pat’s passion, determination, and expertise is the recipe for her success. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her management acumen garnered from ten years in managing brands led to the conception of SCORE in 2013.

Driven by a desire to play a positive role in someone’s life, her aspiration for SCORE lies in its vision of One Person, One Sport. Being a fitness enthusiast and distance runner gives her an intimate understanding of what it means to push the boundaries of the human potential, and what it takes to achieve personal goals. It also offers her invaluable insights on what athletes and fitness fanatics expect from SCORE.

Pat’s philosophy in running the brand and the business is developed through years of putting in hard effort, making difficult decisions, facing brutal truths, and surrounding herself with a team of people who share her values. So, it comes as no surprise that SCORE Fitmob was the first mass workout of its kind to enter the Malaysia Book of Records three times, and SCORE Run is today one of Malaysia’s most anticipated running events.